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Umbrellas are one of the most simple and easy to use light modifiers available.  They are considered a broad light source and soften the light in varying degrees based on the size and shape.

Umbrellas usually come in 3 different types:

Reflective:  The interior of the umbrellas is either Silver, Gold or White reflective material and increases the size of the light source by reflecting it back over a wide area.

Diffused:  White Diffuser Umbrellas work on the same principal as a softbox but are much less direct than a softbox.   The light is diffused thru a white material by shooting the light thru the material on to the subject.

Dual Umbrellas: A combination of both Diffused and Reflective Umbrellas.  The best of both worlds!  Dual Umbrellas have a removable backing (usually satin white or silver) that allows the umbrella to be used as either a reflective or diffused umbrella.


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